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1909 Veteran Triumph - upgraded




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A  bit of a mystery. A 1909 Trumph with a clutch and 3 speed gearbox fitted.



Well this one is unusual and a bit of a mystery. The frame number and engine numbers are correct for 1909, but it has a clutch and 3 speed gearbox fitted.

We are told that this bike was renovated and updated by the Triumph factory at the end of the First World War.

For full restoration, it appears complete and sound with no major problems, it should be a straight forward project.

We have a current V5C and an old brown logbook that shows one owner to 1925 and one other change of hands in 1957. It is possible that this Triumph has not been used since 1925.



The frame and engine are from 1909 and the modifications are consistent with popular practice of the post WW1 era.  Servicemen arrived back home at the cessation of hostilities and demand for motorcycles "like they knew" from the Army, grew quickly.  It became a common practice to upgrade veteran machines, and an industry to service these modifications grew up.  You will find period advertisements offering to convert the old civilian bikes, which had seen little use during the war, to modern specifications - basically gears and kickstart and all that followed.

We thank Chris Welch and Dave Jolley for sharing their knowledge in un-picking the elements of this interesting machine.

The frame has been modified at the seat area by replacing the lugs and bending the top tube down to achieve a lower saddle. [see pictures]

The pedal gear has been removed and an H style gearbox platform and subframe installed.  The engine gained a chain primary to the newly installed clutch, and enclosed cases.

Forks gained a modern single spring and a new Spindle fitting to carry the mudguard stays.

The tank is H style but fixed with clips as the frame does not have the lugs of the later models.


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