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1916 Rudge Multi - WWI model




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1916 500cc Rudge Multi WD Model

A rare opportunity to own a genuine WWI motorcycle.

Current V5C UK registration document, VMCC & Rudge Enthusiasts Club dating certificates.


This machine is listed on the Rudge Enthusiasts' Machine Register as 'WD'

It was one of 20 bikes made for the Royal Navy, and this one was delivered to Devonport Dockyard in 1916.

After the war it lived on the Island of Alderney for many years, before moving to Guernsey.

Reluctant sale due to purchase of a veteran car.


The first Rudge motorcycle was completed in 1910.

In 1911 four Rudges started  the Senior TT, the first year in which the course included the climb over the Mountain.

Rudge had already patented a clutch that was attached to the engine shaft, outboard of the pulley. To this was added a device that allowed the pulley flanges to open and close.

To maintain belt tension, a linkage went to the rear wheel pulley, or belt rim, which closed and opened to balance the front.

The Multi was first entered for the 1912 TT. Although Rudge failed to place, the Multi gear achieved success at numerous trials and speed events and was fitted to both the 3.5 and 5/6hp models.


In 1913 a Rudge Multi took second place at the TT, losing only by a narrow margin, and in 1914, Cyril Pullin on a Rudge Multi, won the Isle of Man TT.

During World War I, Rudge built a only few machines for military use, and the main part of the factory was turned over to work on munitions. And this is one of those few WD bikes.

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